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Member of the Board

Eric L Keller, J.S.

Eric Keller is a proven business and legal executive with nearly 30 years of experience in life sciences-based companies. In addition to his role as Founder and CEO of Response Pharmaceutical, he is the Founder and CEO of Redux Therapeutics, a therapeutic asset acquisition and development company, as well as Response Pharmaceuticals sister company, Retension Pharmaceuticals.

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Member of the Board

Donald Olds, M.B.A M.Sc

Donald Olds is an experienced executive and director with expertise in research, clinical development, and corporate governance. He has held leadership roles at NEOMED Institute and other firms, and serves on several Boards. He holds an MBA and M.Sc. from McGill University.

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Board Chair

Michael Berendt, Ph.D.  

Dr. Berendt is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in life sciences, having held senior roles at Bayer and Pfizer and served on multiple Boards. He has also worked as a venture capitalist and consultant. His expertise spans management, science, business development, and finance.




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Board of Directors

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